The official Cheep annual for the Louisiana State University (LSU) today tweeted a admonishing to students, adroitness and staff at about 2:54 PM local time (US central) advertence an armed burglar was on campus The tweet advises those on the bounds to “Run, Hide, or Fight.”

Little is known about the adventure at this time, but local news source WAFB 9 letters there’s been no adumbration that anyone’s been afflicted and ABC WBRZ 2 states that “the bearings was reportedly under ascendancy within about 15 annual of the alert.”  UPDATE: The report from is NOT actual as of 3:34 PM local time:

Those who are potentially in harm’s way should accede the bearings active and alarming until such time as authorities clear the area.

A follow up tweet was sent by the LSU annual to explain the “Run, Hide, Fight” instructions:

This agreement comes anon from the US government’s advice on ambidextrous with active shooters, and thus indicates the armed burglar is likely accustomed a firearm. Per the ability at Ready.Gov:

  • Getting away from the ballista or shooters is the top priority.
  • Leave your accouterments behind and get away.
  • Help others escape, if possible, but abandon behindhand of whether others agree to follow.
  • Warn and anticipate individuals from entering an area where the active ballista may be.
  • Call 911 when you are safe, and call shooter, location, and weapons.

  • Get out of the shooter’s view and stay very quiet.
  • Silence all cyberbanking accessories and make sure they won’t vibrate.
  • Lock and block doors, close blinds, and turn off lights.
  • Don’t hide in groups- spread out along walls or hide alone to make it more difficult for the shooter.
  • Try to acquaint with police silently. Use text bulletin or social media to tag your location, or put a sign in a window.
  • Stay in place until law administration gives you the all clear.
  • Your hiding place should be out of the shooter’s view and accommodate aegis if shots are fired in your direction.

  • Commit to your accomplishments and act as aggressively as accessible adjoin the shooter.
  • Recruit others to ambush the ballista with makeshift weapons like chairs, fire extinguishers, scissors, books, etc.
  • Be able to cause severe or lethal injury to the shooter.
  • Throw items and ad-lib weapons to abstract and disarm the shooter.

The LSU Cheep annual has not issued a follow up and calls to the university have gone changing as of the time of this story being published.

UPDATE 3:3o PM CDT 20 August: The bearings charcoal ongoing

UPDATE : 4:53 PM CDT 20 August: LSU has issued an “all clear” after LSUPD advised the report. According to one LSU official the adventure may have been accompanying to a plainclothes police administrator cutting a pistol. This hasn’t been accepted by staff, but the bearings now appears to be under control.

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