Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) boss Shawn Layden bygone alluded to the achievability that first-party PlayStation titles may soon launch on PC. While there’s annihilation clear to go on just yet, the move would make absolute sense for the aggregation as it prepares for the next animate war with Microsoft.

The news comes from Insider’s Christopher Palmeri who reported that Layden, in an interview, said:

We must abutment the PlayStation belvedere — that is nonnegotiable. That said, you will see in the future some titles coming out of my accumulating of studios which may need to lean into a wider installed base.

This, of course, doesn’t announce that the company’s gone all-in on the PC belvedere (nor is it any kind of advertisement – take it with a grain of salt or two). But it’s apparently the clearest sign yet that the company’s continuing to amend its acrimonious abutment for cross-platform play in a major way. And it’s likely we have the success of multiplayer titles like Fortnite to thank.

Sony doesn’t have any problems affairs first-party games and, traditionally, those games aren’t accessible anywhere else. That’s been good for the PlayStation brand for a very long time, befitting it at the top of the animate charts. But Microsoft‘s Xbox brand has come for the throne as of late with some absurd cross-platform abutment that integrates a large number of Microsoft first-party titles seamlessly amid Xbox and PC.

If Sony makes the move to launch first-party titles on PC it could be big for the company, and one for gamers– we all win when there’s more options to play together. And, admitting the fact that the company’s abundantly abandoned the PC admirers to date, the timing seems pretty good. We’re about around a year or so out from the next animate bearing – if you figure that both Microsoft and Sony want to be in stores by the 2020 anniversary season. It’s almost assertive that Xbox will tout cross-platform play with PC – to accommodate Xbox Game Pass and most first-party titles – as a major affairs point over the PlayStation 5.

And it could work. Sony‘s still king of the consoles, but Microsoft‘s made advance year over year. Plus, it’s not like Sony is a drifter to cross-platform play. The PlayStation Vita lets gamers take some animate games on the go and the PS Now cable account allows gamers to play more than 600 PlayStation titles on PC – but they’re mostly older titles and they can’t be purchased for PC-play individually.

Alternately, Xbox titles such as Forza Horizon 4, State of Decay 2, and dozens of other titles abutment “Play Anywhere,” a affection that allows gamers to play accordant games on a Windows PC or Xbox with seamless affiliation of save files and full cross-platform multiplayer support.

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