Twitter has briefly abeyant the adeptness to tweet via SMS afterward high-profile hack of its CEO Jack Dorsey and a number of celebrities.

“We’re taking this step because of vulnerabilities that need to be addressed by mobile carriers and our assurance on having a linked phone number for two-factor authentication,” the aggregation said.

However, the social blogging belvedere did not accommodate a timeline for when the affection would be reinstated, but added that it will first clean it in markets that “depend on SMS for reliable communication.”

Last week, Cheep accustomed that the phone number associated with Dorsey’s annual was compromised due to what it blames on carrier “security oversight,” thereby acceptance an crooked third-party to post tweets via text letters from the phone number.

Although not confirmed, it’s being doubtable that Dorsey’s number fell victim to a SIM swapping attack — a clever social engineering trick used by cybercriminals to actuate phone carriers into appointment their victims’ cell casework to a SIM card under their control.

This basically allows the antagonist to ambush calls and text messages, including those used for two-factor authentication.

Twitter and SMS were meant to be together

Tweeting via SMS has been a core affection of Cheep since its inception. Even the 140-character limit for tweets (since broadcast to 280) was originally accustomed to reflect the length of SMS messages.

But the company’s accommodation to attenuate the option underscores the calmness of the problem, not least because such SIM swapping attacks attenuate the use of phone numbers as IDs.

For now, pay close absorption to your Cheep third-party app permissions and ensure you’ve accepted access to only those apps you trust.

As for attention yourself from SIM swapping, there isn’t really much you can do. One course of action is to switch to authenticator apps such as Google Authenticator, rather than your phone number, for two-factor authentication. But this is accessible only on casework that allow it.

There are some other steps you can take, like bond your Google Voice phone numbers to your online accounts. But Google Voice is US only, so you’re again out of luck if you live elsewhere.

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