Popular encrypted messaging app Signal has fixed a acute flaw in its Android app that could’ve accustomed bad actors to answer calls on your behalf. What’s more, it needed no action from your end.

Google’s Project Zero team, which baldheaded the bug on September 28, said it only affects audio calls, as the video option needs to be manually enabled for all admission calls.

Signal has since patched the botheration in its latest update of the app (version 4.47.7).

“Using a adapted client, it is accessible to send the ‘connect’ bulletin to a callee device when an admission call is in progress, but has not yet been accustomed by the user. This causes the call to be answered, even though the user has not interacted with the device,” Project Zero’s Natalie Silvanovich noted.

The eavesdropping flaw would have been an issue on the iOS adaptation of Signal too, if it wasn’t for an error in the user interface that prevented the call from being completed. As it stands, the flaw can’t be exploited on iOS.

The bug is also a lot agnate to a major FaceTime flaw that was baldheaded this year, which accustomed a remote antagonist to hear other person’s voice even before they answered your call.

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