It’s the most admirable (or irritating, your choice) time of the year! That’s right, Spotify has appear its 2019 Wrapped list!

If you’re blind of what this is, basically every year Spotify releases a customized breakdown of how you’ve spent your year on their platform. If, of course, you have a Premium cable to the service.

Think this sounds like your thing? Then it apparently is.

So, what exactly Spotify‘s 2019 Wrapped? Well, it’s a web app (you can check it out here) that presents a range of stats about your alert habits over the past year.

You know, things like your top artists:


How many countries you listened to music from:


And many more facts and figures, including your most listened to songs, genres, and the time you spent arena tracks on Spotify.

The aggregation also puts calm a common overview of alert habits, which you can find here.

Some absorbing facts from 2019 include:

  • Post Malone was the most streamed artist, followed by Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande
  • Billie Eilish’s debut (‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’) was the most streamed album
  • While the most streamed track was ‘Señorita’ by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

There are a whole load of other interesting-ish facts, which you can analyze in the link above.

Spotify Wrapped: The Decade

Something that absolutely separates Spotify‘s 2019 Wrapped from antecedent years is, that this time, you get a breakdown of your action over the entire decade too.

This includes a lot of agnate stats to the yearly breakdown, but there are some absorbing additions. For example, this allegory of how long you’ve spent alert to music on Spotify since you joined is cool:


Spotify‘s 2019 Wrapped also shows you the top artists and songs from each year:


As expected, there’s also a range of other advice in this part of Spotify‘s 2019 Wrapped, including your all-embracing artist of the decade (mine was Mutual Benefit, because I you were dying for that knowledge).

The aggregation also appear a breakdown of its entire user base’s alert habits over the decade, article you can find here.

Some of the more absorbing facts from that, include:

  • Drake was the most streamed artist of the decade
  • And Ariane Grande was the most streamed female artist in the same time
  • While the most listened to track? Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’

World, I wish I could say I didn’t judge you, but I do. I truly do.

The criticism

I think a lot of how useful or absorbing Spotify‘s Wrapped breakdown, depends absolutely on your alert habits. If the alive account is your main music driver, and you only use it to play tracks you’re actively alert to, it’s quite insightful.

But myself — and a lot of other people — either use Spotify in affiliation with other music services, and/or as a absorption tool.

For example, I still advance a agenda music library, so the majority of my active alert is done via files on my phone. Spotify, on the other hand, I use at work to drown out the noise of my aggravating co-workers (love you really) and to help me focus.

Generally, this means that my Spotify Wrapped is consistently skewed appear ambient or beat-based music, which isn’t really a representation of what I absolutely actively listen to.

But — and this is the big catechism — does that absolutely matter?

No. Not really.

Spotify’s 2019 Wrapped is just a bit of fun presented in an agreeable way, it’s a little article that helps us forget the amaranthine backbreaker of this abhorrent world.

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