As we inch closer to the attainable US presidential 2020 elections, social media giants have been afterlight their behavior on the spread of misinformation to better assure the autonomous process. The latest belvedere to join the ranks is Tumblr, which bygone launched its internet articulacy attack to fight fake news and help young people spot other toxic action online.

The campaign, World Wide What, was made attainable in accord with the UK based internet articulacy organization, @ditchthelabel. Its aim is to help make the internet “a better, safer, and more place for everyone,” and has been declared as a guide for abyssal chat around a convalescent accord with social media.

World Wide What will focus on six main topics with advisory videos:

  • Fake News and Skewed Views.
  • Don’t @ Me (focusing on cyberbullying and its effects).
  • Authenticity Online.
  • Pull Down to Refresh (highlighting the accent of aspersing screen time).
  • Felt Cute, Might Delete Later (questioning how much we share online).
  • A Safer Internet: Moderation. 

In its “Fake News and Skewed Views’ ‘ category, Tumblr emphasizes the accent of acquainted online misinformation and how to spot it. It outlines “real news by journalists adheres to strict standards, and social media posts are not the same.” The videos lists three types of fake news for users to watch out for including: satire and parody, misinterpretation, and disinformation. 

Some categories will also be accompanied by Answer Times, an online Q&A session, with experts who can speak about one or more of the topics Tumblr is focused on. Currently, there’s four appointed sessions with industry leaders including Jameela Jamil, architect body positivity organization, I Weigh, who will shed light on the furnishings of inauthentic social media personalities. This affair will take place on January 22nd. 

According to Tumblr, unlike most articulacy campaigns, each class uses accent and adumbration that’s native on its belvedere with the use of GIFS, memes, and short text making this attack more attainable and agreeable for adolescent users. 

While Tumblr is determined the internet “can be a really admirable place,” it also recognizes that toxicity and negativity happen everywhere online. “We are consistently appetite to learn and advance new ways to create a safe place for our communities,” the social media belvedere categorical on the World Wide What site. 

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