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Facebook today completed its global rollout of the “Off-Facebook Activity” tool, a action it started last August. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has called it a “Clear History” button in the past, and that’s a fair description: it lets you manage the advice Facebook collects on your from other sites and apps.

The belvedere has not, to put it mildly, able a great acceptability for customer privacy. This tool is part of a multi-step action to abode those concerns, at least on a apparent level. Zuckerberg declared it in the reveal advertisement thus: “Other businesses send us advice about your action on their sites and we use that advice to show you ads that are accordant to you. Now you can see a arbitrary of that advice and clear it from your annual if you want to.”


Whether this balances Facebook aloofness issues, I leave to the user to decide. But if you’re one of the people who just got Facebook‘s new tool and want to use it, here’s how.

First, find the tool in your settings. It’s under the “Your Facebook Information” submenu.


The first thing you’ll see is an account of what Facebook does with the advice it receives on you from other websites. It’s fairly standard, though absolutely a little afflictive to see it put so bluntly.


From here, you have a few options. The first is “Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity,” which lets you micromanage the info from alone apps and sites. The second is “Clear History,” which is the nuclear option. You can also download your off-FB information, or select “Manage Future Activity,” which lets you toggle whether Facebook retains more info on your going forward.

The most all-embracing option is “Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity.” From this page you’ll be able to see who’s shared stuff about you with Facebook. Gird your loins, however, because about many sites you think it is, I can almost agreement you it’s more. My number came out to . I didn’t think I used that many accumulated in my entire internet life, but there you go.

When you select one accurate source, Facebook will tell you what kinds of data — called “interactions” it’s accustomed from that site. You can download the capacity about this, but you’ll have to do so through Facebook’s download page. You can also turn off future action for the site, acceptation Facebook won’t accept future interactions (in theory, anyway).


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