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It’s official, beeline from the Valve Cheep account. is coming out on March 23. More than a decade after the last official chapter of the series, we’ll assuredly get a sequel of sorts. But if you want to acquaintance it, you’ll need the adapted gear.

Valve appear the next entry in its famous series last November, and up to now all we knew was that it’d be out ancient in March. is assuredly meant to be a killer app of sorts for VR, a gamer’s game that’ll move some headsets and controllers. Valve promises the game will have immersive adventures such as “deep ecology interactions, puzzle solving, world exploration, and belly combat.”


As you might expect, you can’t play the game after a accordant headset. Luckily, you have assorted options. Valve’s choice is, no doubt, its own Index angle and controller, but those are currently sold out on Steam. Valve says on the site that any angle that works with SteamVR will work with the game.

Oculus fans will be happy to know you can play the game with either a Rift S or a Quest. The latter requires a link cable, which sort of negates its appeal as a wire-free headset, but what can you do. In his guide to VR, my aide Tristan says the Quest is good for assertive PCs, while the Rift S can be easily transported and is good if space is at a premium.

The HTC Vive is also a good choice, and it can be used wirelessly with an extra adapter. You can also use a Windows Mixed Reality headset, such as the Samsung Odyssey, which I hadn’t even heard of for a while. Both are good options, but both are abominably out of stock at the time of this writing. I guess really is moving some hardware. But keep an eye on all of these to see when they come back in stock.

The only accepted VR angle with which it appears to be adverse is the PlayStation VR headset, though that’s likely not a surprise. The website also notes that you can ascendancy the game both with touch controllers and those with triggers, and either continuing or sitting.

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