Facebook ads used to fill me with a admixture of fear and skepticism.

That might have been down to the fact I didn’t want to give Facebook my money to just show ads on its newsfeed, or even more so the fact I never had abundantly absolute adventures with my own ads (or the ones I set up for clients, for what matters). Until I got a new client, allowance her to launch her first online program, and she asked me whether we could also set up some Facebook ads.

After a moment of afraid silence, article bedevilled me (the spirit of marketing, perhaps?) and I agreed to help her set up three month’s worth of campaigns.

The voice inside my head screamed abundantly loudly.

Yet, I accept that aggregate happens for a reason. This was the sign advertence I should get past my fears and give Facebook ads a chance.

Spoiler alert: I’m so glad I did

As per every tool, platform, and hack I talk about in this column, I still accept that you should not do everything. Yet, I also accept that we often let and prevent us from trying new strategies.

I hope that with this piece I can bring more accuracy around Facebook ads and the impact they can have on a business.

The Evolution of Facebook Ads

Checking my Business Manager account, I can see I set up my first Facebook ad attack in 2015.

At the time, Facebook ads were easy to set up and the about-face rate was abundantly favorable for pretty much any advertiser. The main reason for those about-face rates was that it was not a tool a lot of businesses used.

Facebook ads are based on an bargain system, through which you’re actually  for your ads to get specific placements, you can see how Facebook had to add more customization and variables to show the right people the right ads.

This is also the reason why, over the past two years, testing campaigns have become key for people attractive to acquaint on Facebook.

Pro tip

Always allow some testing budget and run a test attack with split testing. You can backbite the amount from the whole attack budget.

As well as that, Facebook now allows you to tap into some brand new ad types, such as Lead Ads and Canvas Ads.