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Some updates from us: Gigi has taken up a heavy bubbler habit (she’s bubbler red wine as she types this), bygone was Anouk’s altogether (old)… and Cara needs her asleep IUD taken out. PLUS the actual, real life Hot Priest from  came to her flat for an open examination — and this is just about the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

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Each month, our advantageously gifted designer, Saïna, illustrates a weird comment or tweet we accept from one of TNW’s misogynistic, or just funny, readers. This month, Cara wrote a story on how many Indian startups don’t hire women to save on maternology costs. Cue sexist comment:


Wow! Interesting insight, Kasun. We aboveboard hope all your startup ambitions fail. Here’s Saïna’s aesthetic interpretation:


Not to brag, but every month we get abundant shows of admiration from people autograph in or tweeting to tell us how much they love this newsletter, and by extension, . Shout out to Danny <3 We agree that we’re great, but we still love to hear it. Now onto the news!

the bloody news

  • The Atlantic did a piece on why the coronavirus is a adversity for feminism: “One of the most arresting furnishings of the coronavirus will be to send many couples back to the 1950s.”
  • Scientific American profiled Shi Zhengli, aka Bat Woman, who hunts down bacilli such as SARS and the coronavirus — she’s one of the many virologists who have been advancing for this moment for decades.


  • A UK aborticide law afflicted during the COVID-19 outbreak. The bound deleted change would have accustomed women to take early medical aborticide pills at home. (The Guardian)
  • We love , a podcast hosted by pop singer Jessie Ware and her mum, Lennie, who argue while affable dinner for, and interviewing, a guest. This adventure with Vanessa Williams — actor, singer, and the first-ever black Miss America — was one of our faves.
  • A study found that almost half of Indian startups don’t hire women to save on maternology costs. 
  • Women say they’re abrasion their hands decidedly more than men as the coronavirus spreads around the world. Are we surprised? (Business Insider)
  • Japan Airlines assuredly ditched its compulsatory high heels and skirts for air hostesses, appearance a big win for the ‘#KuToo movement.’ (The Guardian)
  • webrok

  • If you haven’t subscribed to The New York Times’ weekly ‘In Her Words’ newsletter, you should. A couple of our recent favorites:
    • This one about how calm abandon victims are coping in times of lockdown.
    • This one about how mothers are managing while alive from home: “I feel like I have five jobs: mom, teacher, C.C.O., house cleaner, chef.”
  • Ukraine’s cartage controllers and safety admiral are mainly women. This photo essay from The New York Times shows “how assertive things in this country stand firm in the present as a aggressive nod to the past.”
  • The Cut wrote about why there’s no better time than now to get a vibrator.

that’s what she said: should we shame people for being shit at isolation?

Georgina: Ladiez — there’s a communicable right now, dunno if you heard. Many people act like they haven’t. Should we cut people slack for being shit at isolation? For example, a bunch of people were about shamed for appliance here in Amsterdam — do you think it was fair?

Cara: I think people need to use their common sense too. We know how the virus spreads — close acquaintance with other people. Not to acknowledgment how you can be a carrier after having any symptoms. It’s obvious, at any point in the pandemic, to avoid being in groups, appliance or not.

Anouk: I agree, but it seems rules also change daily and many people seem to attempt to keep up.

Georgina: I find some of the guidelines here pretty confusing, and hear a lot of mixed messages. I err on the accurate side, but I also accept that people are taking their abandon while they still can. BUT I think appliance in a group close calm is fucking stupid.

Cara: “Taking their abandon while they can” is being exploited though. In the UK, when the government closed clubs and pubs, anybody used the last 24 hours as ‘freedom.’ The only way to get rid of the virus, other than a vaccine, is to be physically abroad from others.

the best and the worst


The best?
“Some of the best able advice I ever accustomed had to do with reacting to a rejection. My adviser and I co-authored a paper, submitted it to a journal, and the account alone it. My first acknowledgment was to see the bounce (and agnate feedback) as a sign that the paper was fundamentally flawed and needed a complete check if we ever hoped to broadcast it. I afraid that maybe the reviewers were right, and maybe we didn’t have a real addition to make.

When I met with my adviser to go over the feedback, her acknowledgment was: “They acutely don’t accept the strengths of our paper. In the next draft, we need to make the strengths clearer.” I was floored. Not only did she adapt their acknowledgment differently, but her estimation appropriate an absolutely altered course of action. Instead of giving up on our work, or absolutely afterlight it, she appropriate allegorical and emboldening our statements about the paper’s absolute strengths. We did eventually broadcast that paper, and it taught me a admired lesson: Rather than internalizing abrogating acknowledgment and acceptable discouraged, sometimes all you need to do is focus on communicating your strengths.”

The worst?
“I don’t know if it counts as the WORST able advice I’ve received, but it was advice that didn’t work for me, personally. A mentor of mine (one I still deeply respect) told me I was taking on too many altered analysis projects, and that I wouldn’t be able to do any of them well if I kept it up. She brash me to focus alone on one activity and make it great. I ended up abnegation this advice because I’m addition who thrives on having assorted projects going on at once.

When one activity hits a setback (inevitable in bookish research), the adeptness to switch to a altered activity allows me to keep moving advanced while still accepting some time and space to gain angle on the first project. It prevents me from wallowing and acceptable frozen. I feel comforted alive my eggs aren’t all in the same basket. I accept where she was coming from, and I think her action can be a very able one, but it wasn’t the best action for me personally.”

tweets of the month

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word of the month: Social Ambit Warrior

Next up in our new and bigger Dicktionary (sorry):


This month we’re discussing — you estimated it — article coronavirus-related. Because as the world is alteration at warp speed, so are our manners. In the past week, some random drifter may have commented “STAY THE FUCK HOME!!!” on your park-jog selfie. Maybe your acquaintance hissed “1.5 METERS!” when you entered the elevator. If so, you know who we’re talking about. It’s that person currently advancement apprehension — the Social Ambit Warrior. 

It’s this guy:

And whoever created this “non-essential!” video within the Derbyshire Police.

The Social Ambit Warrior buys toilet paper one roll at a time and counts the number of daily dog walks their acquaintance takes. They know 15 altered songs to wash their hands to — don’t forget about those thumbs! — and shares #craftsinspo for “day 4 of my corona-cation.”

It’s not THAT fun, Lauren. 

How to use in a sentence:

“Hi, yeah. I’d like to be affiliated to the FBI please,” Gavin said to the emergency abettor as he peaked through the curtains. “I’ve just seen my acquaintance go for a second jog today.” 

“No!” yelled Lindsey to her accompany on Houseparty. “I’m not fucking affair you this weekend, whether we’re two meters apart or not.”

*Shares her fourth #craftsinspo Instagram Story of the day* “I wonder why I lost all my followers?” Sarah wondered aloud.

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