Over the weekend, I saw a ton of people on my Cheep timeline talking about Dalgona coffee. If you don’t know about this trend, it’s fine. Dalgona coffee is a frothy and creamy coffee that’s made by agilely whipping coffee, sugar, and a little bit of water.

Now, if you own a blender or electric whisker, it’s easy for you to enjoy this Instagram worthy delight. However, if you don’t own any of these gadgets, you need to use your hand and whip this admixture for a long time to get the right arrangement and flavor — and that’s quite a workout.

I Tried the Viral Dalgona Whipped Coffee Trend | Real Simple

That’s what I want to talk to you about today, home workouts. With no option to go to a gym or play any sport, we have to make sure that we don’t end up attractive like Thor in


So, here are some handy ways to work out at home:

  • The famous Gold’s Gym is alms some handy home workouts on its app and website. Plus, it’s alms free exceptional subscriptions to its app Gold’s AMP until May 31.

  • Planet Fitness is live-streaming conditioning sessions on its Facebook page at 7 AM ET. If that timing doesn’t suit you, you can watch these videos on the page later as well.
  • Fitbit is alms aperture up exceptional subscriptions on its app that guides you through plenty of home workouts.
  • Nike is also alms free and short workouts on its assorted conditioning apps to keep you in shape.

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We listed our own ways of alive out at home, and my colleagues Mar and Cara swear by these yoga sessions.

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