In the past couple of weeks, video calling apps such as Zoom and Houseparty have gained amazing acceptance thanks to common lockdowns. But with accretion fame, experts have raised aloofness and aegis apropos accompanying to these apps.

Various claims of the Houseparty app being hacked, has left users in a austere brain-teaser about the app’s security. Meanwhile, the aggregation had to issue a description and even offer a $1 actor bounty to anyone who uncovers the source of the misinformative scam about the app.

Here’s what happened in a aberrant and ambagious set of incidents:

A bunch of users on Cheep started accusatory that their Spotify, PayPal, and Snapchat accounts were hacked after installing the video calling app. Some even claimed that the app tried to get their bank capacity through shady methods.

Later in a tweet, the app makers reassured users that the account is secure and no data has been compromised.

Plus, the Epic games-owned app said in a account that it has found no affirmation to suggest “a link amid Houseparty and the compromises of other different accounts.”

However, admitting arising clarifications, people kept tweeting about the app being hacked and even trying to delete the app. Earlier this morning Houseparty made a beauteous claim that the hacking rumor was a paid attack aimed to smear the app’s reputation. It also said that it’s alms $1million to anyone with proof of this campaign.

Given the situation, it’s good to be privacy-conscious about apps that might be aperture your data. However, it looks like Houseparty is safe to use for now.

We have accomplished out to Spotify, Netflix, and PayPal to learn more about these hacks. We’ll keep an eye on the situation, and update the story if we get more information.

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