As the coronavirus communicable sweeps the world, more and more governments are arty lockdowns on their citizens. As a result, assurance on agenda tools has added decidedly to advance social and able relationships. Notably, usage of video conferencing app Zoom has spiked, and not just for able purposes.

But what about the social media tools we were already using to affix with people on a daily basis? How has their acceptance afflicted so far in these trying times? To give somewhat of an answer to that, we can look at how their search absorption afflicted in the last month or so. This doesn’t necessarily mean the networks grew their user base or acuteness of usage as much, but it does give a glimpse into how absorption for them has changed.

Clearly winning

TikTok was already award itself in an upward aisle — the coronavirus crisis has accelerated that action significantly. If we abide the set growth trajectory, the short-form video administration app now resides 47% above that.


TikTok adversary Snapchat is seeing the second accomplished about growth in interest, 18.5% to be precise. Its fairly flat search absorption line has seen a 18.5% uptick in March.

Concluding, social media networks focused on the adolescent allocation of our association are seeing the most significant, about growth in attention. Without the connected blank of their agents during the day — as many of them are being homeschooled for the moment — this might not come as a surprise.

Mildly profiting

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram — predominantly used by adults — are seeing mild upticks of around 15% in search absorption lately.

Pinterest is only seeing a slight 5% access in search interest. With its focus on non-essential artefact inspiration, that might not come as a abruptness either.


The only large social arrangement that’s experiencing a cogent abatement in search absorption is LinkedIn, which has seen a 23% drop to be precise. The accessible account might be that a large part of the global abridgement has come to a standstill, and thus public advice on work-related achievements (read: boasting your success) has also declined.

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