In agenda communication, where visual advice often conveys key ideas in memorable, pithy and fun ways, emoji is king. And as our world has afflicted due to COVID-19, new ways of deploying emoji have sprung up in response.

While the bacillus emoji was first accustomed in 2018, altered technology providers render it in conspicuously altered ways. For instance, the Apple adaptation most acutely resembles a virus, while the Microsoft adaptation is blue and resembles a bacterium.According to data from the website Emojipedia, common ways of apery COVID-19 accommodate the bacillus emoji ???? and more about the face with medical mask emoji ????.


A sample of nearly 50,000 tweets from early March 2020, analyzed by Emojipedia, appear that the top five emoji most acerb associated with COVID-19 were:

  1. Microbe: used 42% of the time
  2. Face cutting the medical mask: used 36% of the time
  3. Nauseated face: used 5% of the time
  4. Sneezing face: also used 5% of the time
  5. Bar of soap: used 4% of the time