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Some updates from us: Cara and Gigi are watching  and haven’t emotionally recovered, Anouk is yet to watch it but we’re alive on it:


Each month, our advantageously gifted designer, Saïna, illustrates a weird comment or tweet we accept from one of TNW’s misogynistic, or just funny, readers. This month… drum roll, pleeeeeease…

There were no shitty comments?!?!?!??!? Has isolation made you all soft???


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the bloody news

  • It’s lonely being a female engineer — here’s how we fix it.
  • From The New York Times: Why aborticide needs to be made more accessible during the pandemic.
  • The Lily reported that women academics seem to be appointment fewer papers during coronavirus.
  • From The New York Times’ newsletter, ‘In Her Words‘: Can’t get a word in edgewise in your basic meetings? You’re not the only one.
  • Huck profiled the Cockettes, the allegorical San Francisco achievement troupe, who accumulated sex anarchy, acid drag, and gender politics.
  • Vanity Fair profiled astronaut Jessica Meir, who has been in the International Space Station for the last 7 months. She came home to a ‘completely altered planet.’


  • The New York Timestakes sex seriously. Watch it.
  • Vogue wrote about the new borderland for airs — and sex toys — in the time of COVID-19. (Did we acknowledgment you should watch ?)
  • The Cut: As Biden faces aboveboard advance allegations, accelerating female Democrats are being offered a berserk chalice.
  • From The Detroit News: A girls’ robotics team in Afghanistan is architecture a chase ancestor from old car parts.
  • According to The Conversation, women are more afraid than men about the spread of coronavirus. Are we surprised?
  • From Jalopnik: This Honda dealership artisan was fired because her coworkers watched her adult videos at work.
  • A lot of PPE doesn’t fit women. In the coronavirus pandemic, that puts them in danger. (Forbes)


  • Bloomberg reported three women won a major case in court adjoin their employer, Oracle, over equal pay. This achievement is a major milestone, as agnate gender-discrimination lawsuits at tech giants ended in favor of the employer.
  • From The Guardian’s ‘My life in sex’ column: This woman achieves her goals through alert masturbation.

that’s what she said: is it ok to actualize men?

Georgina: The other day Anouk found this “Hot Guys of Tech List.” We anticipation it was pretty funny, cos it is… but is it “ok” to actualize men? More specifically, is it ok this list exists? Wouldn’t really be ok if it was ladiez.

Cara: You can’t make an agnate for women because there are not that many women in tech. A list for women would be altered (can you hear the men calling me sexist yet haha) because women are so underrepresented in tech as it is.

Georgina: Tbh I don’t think it really has as much to do with that — like there being fewer women in tech. Maybe it makes the botheration worse, but it’s more an issue of objectification, and how that has real consequences for women but not for men.

Cara: Yeah, this, in turn, might make men not accept why women don’t love it. Having a list like this just makes the whole thing “a bit of fun,” and for women this is just life lmao.

Anouk: So addition example, there’s this Dutch business annual called . They have (or used to have) a alternating column called “Business Babe,” with women entrepreneurs being photographed in sexy business-y outfits. My former aide was in it, and I bethink seeing this and thinking: ew, why?

Cara: But some women find their power in their female and how hot they are.

Georgina: This is a point we always get back to — the acrid sword of being a feminist who is also taking power from sexuality, etc. You can find empowerment with how you dress, your sexuality, etc. but you can’t ascendancy how you’re being looked at.

the best and the worst


The best?
“Just go over and pitch your idea, they won’t laugh; they’ll be afflicted because you really know what you’re talking about — that’s when your aplomb shines — and you can teach them article they don’t know. And if they do laugh. Fuck ‘em.”

The worst?
“Letting addition who was brash (but deep down I knew they didn’t know what they were doing) argue me that they were an expert and to ‘trust’ them to pull off a project. Epic fail. ALWAYS check your gut — in business and in your claimed life, because your intuition is apparently correct.”

tweets of the month

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word of the month: communicable parenting

Next up in our new and bigger Dicktionary (sorry):


Yesterday, Anouk accustomed an email with the accountable line: “Are you communicable parenting?”

To start with some ambience here: None of us are parents.

Anouk actually loathes children. Cara’s still a virgin. Gigi wants heaps of kids but is single at the moment, so cries herself to sleep every night, adhering her sad empty womb.

But even though we can’t speak from experience, let us femsplain to you: ‘Pandemic parenting’ is bullshit.

Parents everywhere should actively revolt adjoin this label. Why? Because we all know what ‘pandemic parenting’ means: Perfect parenting in times of crisis.

It reeks of crafty moms who invisibly breastfeed during company-wide Zoom-calls, and of cookie-baking dads who tutor their kids during coffee breaks.

Dear parents, attractive after your kids while trying to work is complete mayhem, and that’s okay. Communicable parenting involves kids advertent their genitals during video calls, finger-painting on your important files, and massive tantrums when you’re on a tight deadline.

So don’t feel guilty about those  iPad marathons. Who cares about attached screen time when there’s a communicable across-the-board the globe?

And absolutely don’t accept the Mommy Maffia cogent you communicable parenting is so much fun.

They too get secretly drunk during 9:00AM nap time.

How to use in a sentence:

  • “Have you tried communicable parenting?” Karen asks while she folds addition origami swan.
  • “Pandemic parenting technically makes me an capital worker,” Marge sighed in a video call with her aloof colleagues.
  • “My wife keeps accusatory about how hard communicable parenting is,” Jeff, Head of Sales, complained to Jason over Zoom as his son lit the dog on fire behind him.
  • “If I’d have known I’d become a communicable parent, I’d have told Jack to pull out,” Mary cried down the phone to her sister.

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