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ve “senior” on my past positions on LinkedIn or whether that would end up affliction me more. It happens because there is no accepted for rating a developer’s skill level across the industry, and absolutely no accepted for pay depending on that level.

A abeyant solution?

That is why some developers have been calling for the conception of an alignment amenable for standardizing the requirements and skills that developers need across the United States in order to create a more level arena field and also a system that allows developers to apostle for themselves and figure out if they are being underpaid. Unlike these three track systems which still allow managers to make decisions based on their own assessment about a developer, a trade alignment for developers would create a third party that holds managers accountable.

Certainly there are abeyant problems that could be alien by a trade organization, but right now the software engineering industry is basically the wild west when it comes to promotions. You have developers with 10 years of acquaintance being paid 45K alongside junior developers at start-ups making upwards of 100K.

Underrepresented folks in tech are still seeing a gap amid their paychecks and those of their white male counterparts. Every time I got a new job part of me felt like I was back at square one again. As technology becomes more and more circuitous and humans rely on it on a daily basis, it seems the lack of a trade industry could not only be ambiguous but even catastrophic.

Technology industry standards impact millions 

Having no coding accepted for, say, a social media company, might seem inconsequential, but when you have software operating planes and cars and aegis there are lives at stake. It’s not just about making developers’ lives easier and fairer, it’s about creating a system where technology can absolutely be reliable and not accountable to the whims of a aggregation CEO that wants to save some money by cogent developers to cut corners. Developers and frankly, the human race, deserves better.

Appear July 5, 2020 — 17:00 UTC

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