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Some updates from us: Anouk is on a family anniversary into the wild Dutch wilderness, Cara got her IUD fixed, and Georgina is going camping, and while she wants to be a  “camping” kind of girl, she’s just not sure she is.

Each month, our advantageously gifted designer, Saïna, illustrates a weird comment or tweet we accept from one of TNW’s misogynistic, or just funny, readers. This month’s comes from a whole bunch of whiny men who stumbled across our Facebook page:



Ugh We’RE So sORrY we tainted  with our dumb wiener jokes. Here’s an illustration, to make up for it:


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the bloody news

that’s what she said: are sexist jokes ok?

Georgina: Alright so, the three of us are funny ladies… we can be very edgy with our humor, which isn’t always to anybody else’s taste lol.

Anouk: I don’t even apperceive them as sexist.

Georgina: Have either of you ever been in a bearings where addition has made a sexist joke that you didn’t like?

Anouk: There are just so many “sexist” topics that I just can’t give AF about, like menstruation stuff. If a man jokes about that, I couldn’t care less.

Georgina: There’s absolutely been a few times where a guy friend has jokingly asked me if i’m on my period while we’re in a debate, and that pissed me off.

Cara: It really depends on who is saying the ‘joke’ though because it’s one thing if your brother or male friend says it versus your male boss.

the best and the worst


The best?
“Drop out of academy and become a folksinger.”

The worst?
“We’ve got a great summer job befalling for you affairs fancy knives to your parent’s friends.”

tweets of the month

word of the month: WitchTok

Next up in our new and bigger Dicktionary (sorry):

What do you get when you mix an age-old occult convenance with 2020’s teen angst? Strap in, it’s time to explain .

Last week, you may have seen account about “baby witches hexing the moon.” To explain what that means, we need to start with where this story originated: on WitchTok.

While teen app TikTok became accepted for its lip-syncing and dance videos, today it’s the go-to belvedere for a whole array of niche subcultures  — abracadabra being one of them. The #WitchTok area of the belvedere currently has 2.3 billion views and mainly covers tips for self-care and spirituality.

But the “baby witches,” as they call themselves, also focus on very accepted and alluvial events. Recently, #WitchesforBLM got a lot of absorption from witches aiming to fight racism through assorted cast aegis spells. One of them, Mycah Westhoff, even offered her 38,000 followers tarot card readings in barter for donations to BLM organizations.

So what about that moon story? Apparently, a bunch of baby witches went rogue and absitively to hex the moon, acceptation they tried to curse it. This didn’t sit well with other, more accomplished witches.

Because, well, you just don’t fuck with nature or boldness the age-old Gods who ascendancy the moon. We can end this story on a absolute note, because there seems to be a accord that the moon can’t be hexed anyway — it’s simply too powerful.

How to use in a sentence:

“Look, I’m not trying to police anyone’s craft or affiliation with their deities,” Zandra sighed, “but sometimes I worry WitchTok is making us all look bad.”

“Given the aspersing way in which ‘baby witch’ is being used since the WitchTok hexing controversy, I think it’s time we come up with a new way to label ourselves,” Dayonis told her coven.

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