A headteacher in Stoke-on-Trent told me that, alongside ensuring a COVID-safe return to school for her pupils this September, she’s having to assure parents that their accouchement will not be forcibly taken away and abandoned in a secret area if they start coughing in class.

The headteacher keeps accepting sent a Facebook post admonishing parents to “wake up” to the threat in the UK’s Coronavirus Act. “Is this true, can you take my child?” she is asked.

The Facebook post those parents had seen began going viral mid-August. It’s one of several agnate posts seen in the UK and Australia, and follows a arrangement in many posts linked to the QAnon cabal theory. These often accommodate a direct appeal to parents, arduous the reader to do their own analysis to “prove” the accuracy of the claim, a call to defend alone rights adjoin big government, elites, or some amorphous “they.”