Welcome to the apocalypse, friends. It’s Rachel bushing in for Tristan this week as he takes a much-needed break from . . . well, everything.

For the record, I agreed to take over this week well over a month ago, and I didn’t absolutely think too much about it until the Friday before Tristan left. That’s when I realized, “Aw crap, I’ve got the ‘Trump has COVID-19’ newsletter, don’t I?”

Yes, the President of the United States appear last Friday that he and First Lady Melania Trump had tested absolute for coronavirus, along with allegedly half the White House.

This is after his debate on Tuesday with former Vice President Joe Biden, in which he mocked the latter for his mask-wearing and his social distancing. The Trump party didn’t wear masks at the venue, and Trump wasn’t tested before the event as he accustomed late.

Trump spent a few days at Walter Reed Medical Center — aggregate else aside, he’s a 74-year-old man and firmly in the high-risk class — and has since alternate to the White House.

That said, he still doesn’t look so good.

Naturally, the President of the United States coming down with the C-virus he failed to help accommodate was met with article of a mixed response. I’m going to leave it at that, as I can’t accommodate the absoluteness of Cheep in this newsletter. Just take my word for it.

Honestly, I don’t think I need to say annihilation else about the virus this week, do I? COVID apart a pretty big accomplishment this week, and it’s apparently still not going to make a darned bit of aberration in how we react to it.

Color me insensitive, but . . . did they sneak him some hydroxychloroquine? You know, just to check?

By the numbers

Given the above, I think it’s best if I just leave this number here again. I agree with Tristan that it’s the only number that really affairs right now:
Number of people lost to COVID-19: over 1,000,000

Tweet of the week

What to read

Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, aerial transmission,
and the perils of not alive how to use Excel
????????? There are, of course, cabal theories about Trump’s
coronavirus diagnosis. (Buzzfeed News)
???? Sports teams are now using drones to antisepticize stadiums amid games. (ESPN)
???? Over one actor people have died of COVID-19. Here’s how it happened. (CNBC)
???? Almost 20,000 Amazon advisers have tested absolute or are
“presumed positive,” (says Amazon); at least 10 have died. (NBC News)
???? CDC says the coronavirus can be spread via aerial manual (NPR)
???? Over a dozen White House advisers have tested
positive for COVID-19 this year, in accession to the President and First Lady. (Insider)
???? PSA: Your brain cannot be skewered by the coronavirus swab, don’t worry.
???? Almost 16,000 coronavirus cases in the UK are “missing”
thanks to an Excel spreadsheet screw-up,
leaving bags aback exposed. (The Guardian)
???? Trump’s suite at Walter Reed has a kitchen, a living room,
and a dining room with a clear chandelier. (Daily Mail)


In this little section, we’d like to altercate the tech that’s accepting us through the pandemic.

We’d . But there are much more acute issues at hand. Despite the fact that people in the US only comprise a small allocation of the global population, the lion’s share of COVID-19 cases are in the States.

The nation’s accepted administration has downplayed the virus, acknowledged accurate facts, and showed its alertness to cede lives for political power.

If you’re a US aborigine and accept this needs to change: go here.

And If you’re a aborigine of any other country, you can burden your American accompany to vote by babble at them on the internet here, here, here, and here.

Well, bye

We’re all in this together. Even if it feels like aggregate is absolutely accessory right now… because it kind of is… we’re still associates of the same human race.

Maybe 2021 will be different. But the only way that’s going to happen is if we all collectively decide to look out for one addition no matter what.

The good news is that doing so is easy peasy lemon squeezy:

1. Wear a mask.
2. Stay 2-3 meters away from others in public spaces.
3. Support government admiral who take the communicable seriously.

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