Facebook was the acclamation battlefield that helped fuel Donald Trump’s adventure to the White House in 2016, and the admiral continues to boss on the social media belvedere in 2020.

My antecedent assay of 4,450 Facebook posts from equal attack periods before the 2016 and 2020 elections indicates that the accepted Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, is abaft the achievement of Hillary Clinton in 2016. In contrast, Trump is beyond his 2016 performance.

In my analysis of Facebook use by British political parties, I’ve seen Facebook fit ever more carefully into the heart of modern political campaigning, with the rise of targeted announcement and novel types of amoebic (unpaid) posts and memes.

While much absorption has been paid to the growth of paid-for targeted announcement on Facebook, analysis also points to the accent of amoebic advancement – social media action that occurs after paid promotion. It is this amoebic battle that Trump won so acutely in 2016, and the data I’ve been attractive at shows a agnate bearings in 2020.

I’ve been using Facebook’s analysis tool, Crowdtangle, to analyze the achievement of posts made by the official Facebook pages of Clinton and Trump in 2016 with those by Trump and Biden in 2020. I focused on a 100-day period, ending 30 days before polling day in both years. Crowdtangle picks up all the posts sent by these two leaders’ Facebook pages during the 100 days; however, as social media posts can be deleted, it is accessible that some data has been lost.

These pages only reflect a allocation of party campaigns on Facebook because they don’t accommodate the targeted announcement battle currently underway, nor the hundreds of other Facebook pages the parties use to campaign. But the Biden and Trump official Facebook pages – with a accumulated afterward of 32 actor – are axial to how the two campaigns spread their bulletin organically on the platform. As such, they accommodate a clear acumen into the all-embracing health of the two parties’ campaigns, acceptance for an acknowledgment of addict activity and the wider reach the candidates have achieved.

Trump soldiers on as Biden stumbles

Facebook users can follow addition or article by liking the all-embracing page. According to data from the annal site Wayback, by early October, Trump had added the number of people who like his Facebook page by 164% amid 2016 and 2020, from 11 actor to 29 million. He is far ahead of Biden on 3 million, who has half the 6 actor people liking his page that Clinton had aggregate in October 2016.