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How to use social media to land your first programming job

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.cult is a Berlin-based association belvedere for developers! We write about all things career-related, make aboriginal documentaries and share heaps of other untold developer belief from around the world… (show all) .cult is a Berlin-based association belvedere for developers! We write about all things career-related, make aboriginal documentaries and share heaps of other untold developer belief from around the world!

This commodity was originally appear on .cult by Will Johnson. .cult is a Berlin-based association belvedere for developers. We write about all things career-related, make aboriginal documentaries and share heaps of other untold developer belief from around the world.

Landing your first job in tech can be hard. Abnormally when you have no acquaintance in the field. I’ve worked in factories and call centers most of my adult life. I only abstruse how to code when I was 33 — this was in my free time alfresco of my 12-hour shift and while adopting six accouchement with my wife. I’m not going to lie, it was hard. I activated to endless jobs and felt the sting of bounce time and time again. “No experience,” they would say, even if I killed in the interview. I was at the bottom of the ladder and dying for a break.

I started using social media to break into tech

The acceptable access wasn’t working, I had to switch it up and think alfresco the box. No one wanted to take a risk on me, apparently because anyone can say they are ‘hard-working’ and ‘passionate’ when it comes to software development — it’s not enough. I absitively to show how aggressive and amorous I really was using the power of social media.

Step one was creating a Cheep annual where I would begin to certificate my adventure or “learn in public” as Shawn Wang once declared it. I had zero followers and didn’t know a single person alive in tech. I started by throwing up a annual of whatever I happened to be acquirements at the time, then pictures of books I was reading, courses I took, meetups, podcasts and side-projects. Cheep was a living annal of my acquirements journey.

Is it a waste of time to post about aggregate you learn? If you’ve got no followers, no one will see, right? Wrong. The people who created the courses you take and wrote the books you read are also using Cheep (or some other social media). Tag the instructor, author, architect or website in your post — that’s what I did. I’d tag the author of the book I was reading, I would tag the meetup accounts and the organizers. Those creators love to see people accepting value from the things they made, so you’re absolutely doing them a huge favor.

In February, I started my Cheep annual and by October I had landed a job in tech and built some great relationships in the community. I’d jump on calls with my new access and learn as much as I could. One person would acquaint me to addition and so on, and like a snowball, my attendance in the association grew and grew until eventually, I landed on a podcast (aimed at Junior developers) and was asked to speak at a appointment alfresco of the country.

What I’d aback done was create a solid acceptability for myself in the association and for me, it went much added than any resume could. Doing this accustomed me to create a story, a unique one where I was authoritative the narrative.

I was motivated by others

It wasn’t just me using social media to record my acquirements journey… Kyle Shook, addition developer on Twitter, was always announcement these really cool CSS animations. They were highly abundant and you could tell he put a lot of time and effort into making them. Well, his hard work paid off. A aggregation saw what he was doing and contacted him with an offer.

Another tech influencer, Dhanish Gajjar was using Instagram to post the notes he was taking, the courses he was acquirements from, and the problems he was solving. He also created CSS challenges for other developers to participate in. He would post commodity he made and would ask others to submit their version. Similar to Kyle, a aggregation accomplished out to Dhanish with a job opportunity, and he still works there today.

I’m not saying you should quick your job search and become an influencer. I’m trying to show what a able and able tool social media can be in as a developer. Most of us (especially early on) are scrambling to learn and master as much as we can, but no one can see that unless you show them. Build your acquirements portfolio and see what opportunities come your way.

Helping others was important

One other point: I made sure my ‘learning in public’ wasn’t all about me. If I’d take a course, I’d help the adviser out by answering a couple of questions or administering them to a link that could help them. By allowance others solve problems it would reinforce the advice I’d learnt, it was win-win.

This also showed abeyant administration that I was accommodating to help and acquaint — skills that are very important for developers, abnormally with the rise of remote work. Most of your advice is done via the same medium (slack, email, GitHub). So assuming you’re an able anchorperson ahead of time gives the employer one less thing to worry about when because you.

My big break

Leading up to my first full-time job, I leveraged the arrangement I had created as much as possible. People in my arrangement would acclaim me to administration and even act as my reference, through this I got a few freelance audience which accustomed me to prove my skills. Then as I mentioned earlier, my big break assuredly came after six years active in factories.

I can’t say one thing worked more than the other — it was the compounding effect of everything: the network, the hustle, the friends, the learning. And it doesn’t just end when you get a job, it will help you with your next one and aggregate else you want to achieve in your career.

Don’t worry about trying to be or look perfect. I know Instagram is full of developers who have amazing desks and take admirable pictures. But that’s not important, all you need is your phone a couple of annual to post, don’t think so much about it, the most important thing is to just start. You never know who is watching but some great things can happen when you put yourself out there, and anybody is acclaim for you whether it feels that way or not. We want to see you win and reach your goals and bless your progress.


If you’re not having any luck with the acceptable job search, use social media to advertise your hard work and ingratiate yourself in the community. The relationships you build and abeyant opportunities are worth the effort. It was a tough long adventure for me but I kept assuming up every day and that’s how I got my first break: a remote gig that I love. It’s a complete 180° from aggregate I’ve done in the past, and if it’s accessible for me it’s accessible for you.

Appear October 28, 2020 — 06:30 UTC

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