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“I had a baby and I accomplished there was a couple of nights where I would find my babe attractive up at me and I would be attractive down at my phone.” This is what led science journalist, Catherine Price, to write her book How To Break Up With Your Phone, a practical, hands-on plan on creating a convalescent accord with your phone. Price will be speaking at our conference in May where she’ll be talking about her book and how to fix a phone addiction.

After analytic through Netflix’s amaranthine archive of movies and TV shows, I couldn’t help but apprehend the alternating theme bustling up on every class movies and documentaries about arduous men. From the four-part docu-series and movie on Ted Bundy, to the new TV show “Dirty John,” and Penn Badgley’s latest show, “You” — it seems Netflix’s latest microgenre is hot-boy murderers.