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When Apple decides to change things, you can bet your wallet will feel it. And no changes in recent memory have proved more difficult on my affairs than Apple’s accommodation to shift its entire laptop lineup to USB-C. The change was a acceptable one, I just wish we had a bit of a period to segue, since many articles still haven’t caught wind of the awesomeness that is USB-C.

Humans accomplish more data on Facebook in a single day than exists in all the books ever accounting combined. That’s not even counting Google Search trends, Amazon and Alibaba’s arcade insights, and Microsoft’s accumulation from having Windows installed on a gazillion devices. Data, unlike gold and oil, is a nearly absolute resource.

By making sure I’m in a airy position (hammock, floor, couch, bed) I can anticipate some of the pain. I also can’t stay in the same position for too long. I’ll spend an hour max in a hammock, then do a continuing meeting, then work on my laptop on the floor for 30 minutes, then do a walking meeting. It sounds hectic but it is absolutely really nice to move around and have an active day. Good for the body and the mind.