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The Wall Street Journal this week appear an commodity declaring Bitcoin’s value to be “probably zero.” Last week accounts and tech outlets discussed JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s affirmation that Bitcoin was “a fraud.” If you’re befitting score, these are two big names in the banking world declaring the world’s most accepted crytpocurrency worthless. Is it?

If you’re absorbed in buying one of the new iPhones Apple appear on Tuesday, you might find the prices a little hard to stomach. Between the iPhone 8’s admirable glass back and the iPhone X’s august lack of bezels, they make a appetizing package, but the price — the $999 price tag on the X in accurate — can be a little daunting.

According to Senator Mark Warner, vice administrator of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Cheep should conduct assay into Russian acclamation arrest on social media and turn the after-effects over to congress. This step would follow a agnate move made by Facebook yesterday, which notified aldermanic board of $100,000 in ad purchases traced to a Russian “troll farm” bent on interfering in the 2016 US presidential election.