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Managing cloud-based systems can be a little unnerving, even for high-impact IT pros. Putting all your faith in servers amid bags of miles away can be anxiety-inducing. Yet by alms believability and peace of mind, cloud casework like industry-leading Amazon Web Casework have become capital for companies and organizations both big and small.

The Wall Street Journal this week appear an commodity declaring Bitcoin’s value to be “probably zero.” Last week accounts and tech outlets discussed JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s affirmation that Bitcoin was “a fraud.” If you’re befitting score, these are two big names in the banking world declaring the world’s most accepted crytpocurrency worthless. Is it?

If you’re absorbed in buying one of the new iPhones Apple appear on Tuesday, you might find the prices a little hard to stomach. Between the iPhone 8’s admirable glass back and the iPhone X’s august lack of bezels, they make a appetizing package, but the price — the $999 price tag on the X in accurate — can be a little daunting.