Terms and conditions

Webrok assumes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions described herein from the moment you use the portals.


Webrok can not serve as an intermediary in the practice of illegal activities, it is strictly forbidden in any way to host or publish xenophobic content, illegal downloads, cracks, serials, trackers, pornographic contents and other content that violate the copyright set in compliance with Portuguese Law.

Constant Improvement

Webrok is constantly innovating and improving its services in order to offer the best user experience. You acknowledge and agree that the form and nature of the Services that Webrok provides may change without notice.

Abusive Use

Whenever Webrok finds that your profile is jeopardizing the proper functioning of our servers due to excessive consumption, you have the right to suspend or delete it without prior notice. This measure is to ensure that our physical resources maintain their stability and reliability.


All data provided when adding your profile must be true and undoubted. Webrok has the right to refuse your submission if your data is not true and complete. These data will be made publicly available on our website and may be requested to be removed at any time without justification.

Satisfaction Policy

As satisfaction guarantee you have the right to try our Service, where you can check if it satisfies you.

All topics mentioned in this document can be changed without prior notice, and it is still possible to complement this document with new topics and rules whenever we deem it necessary.