Twitch today appear a deluge of new appearance for streamers and viewers, as part of the first day of its TwitchCon celebrations. CEO Emmett Shear led the Day One keynote, absolute the new appearance to the attendees. Some were niche — such as the better balance tools, and the adeptness to baptize some admirers as VIPs — but others were big and exciting.

One of the better updates was Squad Stream, which allows users to stream calm from a single page. Streamers in the squad will all have their streams arresting in small panels, with one “main” banderole taking up the approved video space. Admirers can cycle through the squad associates at will, accommodating in each of their chats.


Another absorbing change is Twitch Sings, a new karaoke mode done in accord with Harmonix, the aggregation behind and . It’s basically what it sounds like, at least from Twitch’s description. We’ll only be able to see it in action when Twitch begins its closed beta later this year.

Of the actual features, the most absorbing is a Snapchat extension, based on the desktop Snap Camera, which adds custom Lenses and streams of bits aqueous down from the sky whenever addition tips the streamer.


The most useful is apparently accumulative subs. Up to now, anyone who didn’t renew their cable to a streamer’s approach every month would lose their unique in-chat badge, chastening anyone who conceivably had banking hardships. Now users will be able to retain their unique status even if they miss a month.

Twitch also appear more advice about the site’s viewers. For example, Shear appear that about 1 actor people are watching Twitch at any given time, and over 500,000 streamers go live every single day. Nice to know I’m not alone out there, though that is an alarming figure for the apprentice streamer.

The thing about Twitch is that you can about tell which appearance are going to be coming by what third-party software streamers are using en masse. Tips, streamer-specific emotes, and raids were all being used in some aberration by admirers before they became a part of the official toolkit. In general, Twitch is what the streamers and admirers have made of it, not the other way around. Squad Stream in accurate looks a lot like several multi-stream tools I’ve seen over the years — some of them last year at the booths when I abounding TwitchCon myself.

This is a good thing, though: It means Twitch is paying close absorption to what its admirers are doing with the belvedere and making an effort to absorb them more carefully with the acquaintance tools.

Twitch’s new appearance are all in development, with some being accessible to try now if you’re at TwitchCon.

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