Microsoft‘s VP of Consumer and Device Sales, Nick Parker, hinted bygone appear a new ‘modern OS‘ with seamless updates at the Computex trade show in Taiwan. According to Parker, the OS will have “enablers” and “delighters” like seamless updates, and sustained performance.

The aggregation mentioned a few other appearance that will define the operating system: amid application, compute, and, core OS to make it secure, connected connectivity, and AI-powered applications.

In a blog post, Microsoft said that the said OS will have” form factor agility” – acceptation it would work on altered kind of devices.

A modern OS is also multi-sense. People can use pen, voice, touch, even gaze – what ever input method a user wants to use works just as well as the keyboard and mouse.?Finally, a modern OS provides the ultimate in form factor agility. A modern OS has the right sensor abutment and aspect acquaintance to enable the across of avant-garde form factors and applications that our accomplice ecosystem will deliver.

This indicates that the operating system might work on laptops, tablets, and phones too (Surface phone incoming?).

Interestingly, there was no acknowledgment of “Windows” from the company, and it’s accessible that it might start afresh with new branding for a cross-platform operating system.

In March, a report from The Verge appropriate that Microsoft is alive on ChromeOS-like operating system named Windows Lite. However, it’s hard to know at this stage if this ‘modern OS’ is indeed the accounted Windows Lite.

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