A recent Reddit post capacity the danger of using a accepted congenital tool in the iOS image alteration menu. The tool, frequently referred to as the highlighter (it’s absolutely a chisel-shaped marker, don’t @ me) is often used to cover acute advice in screenshots or photographs — such as credit card numbers or the abode on a drivers license.

The botheration is in the absence caliginosity of the tool. It’s meant to be used as a highlighter, not a tool to censor acute details, and as such it’s set with an caliginosity value under 100. That is to say, it’s semi-transparent. The lower the caliginosity value, the more apparent the arrangement become.

But even with an caliginosity near 100, a few quick photo alteration tricks will reveal the advice underneath.

Redditor u/M1ghty_boy, the thread’s aboriginal poster, first black over the text using the highlight tool from the absence toolset — a pen, pencil, and marker/highlighter. After a few passes, it appears that the text is appropriately censored and unreadable. The user then opens the image in the absence iOS photo editor and adjust settings like exposure, highlights, shadows, and adverse until the image again comes into view.

Here is why you shouldn’t censor acute info with the black highlighter on iOS, this video shows just how easy it is to reveal acute info censored with the black highlighter from r/ios

If you’re attractive for a better way to censor information, we’ve got you covered. The easiest way would be just to use the same highlighter tool, but to turn the caliginosity to 100, acceptation it’s fully opaque and no longer see-through.

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