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Gaetz, to Zuckerberg: “What is a agenda land grab?”

Yes, you read that right. Gaetz asked a catechism accompanying to antitrust. Zuckerberg gave a non-answer, but let the record show that it happened. It wouldn’t last long. Two speakers later and .

Gaetz, to Jeff Bezos: “You don’t accept Dr. Ben Carson is an agitator do you?”

Bezos: “No Sir, I don’t.”

Pichai responds the same way.

The next absorbing allocation of the audition wouldn’t come until Jim Jordan spoke again a few congresspersons later. He went on a long, aberrant rant about cancel ability and the First Amendment that hilariously had annihilation to do with people being canceled of the First Amendment.

He cited Drew Brees and James Harden, two athletes who’d been criticized by fans over recent statements they’d made. These men were not canceled, they remain millionaire athletes with legions of adherent fans. They also did not have their First Amendment abandoned upon because they weren’t arrested, fined, censored, or banned from making their statements.

The final point of interest, and conceivably the best catechism of the whole 5 ½ hour long crapfest was Congresswoman Lucy McBath accepting Jeff Bezos to admit that Amazon apparently sells stolen goods.

McBath: “Are stolen goods sold on Amazon?”

Bezos: “Not to the best of my knowledge. There’s over a actor sellers on Amazon so I’m sure that it has happened.”

After that and the above closing comments, the audition was thankfully over.

Published July 30, 2020 — 03:10 UTC

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