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Quantum Darwinism (QD) is a spooky account for cold absoluteness that ties calm the work of Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking. It tries to boldness the audacious differences amid the breakthrough and classical worlds by assumption that reality, as we acquaintance it, is just the banner left behind from God‘s dice as they bounce around the universe.

Design is an act of power, or a abeyant act of power; that is, how design stages people’s agency, the structures that impact people’s agency, and how advised altar themselves seek to accomplish agential power… designing (re)configures agency through the relations amid the designer, the advised object, people and the context… Whether aware of it or not, designers bring values and belief systems into the design convenance based on their position in the world, and this influences the design in a accurate way. Arguing that designers access their design is not a arguable altercation to make, but when design advisedly engages with power, social change, and the political condition, it seems more important that designers alarmingly reflect on their agency and position.

Twitch today appear a deluge of new appearance for streamers and viewers, as part of the first day of its TwitchCon celebrations. CEO Emmett Shear led the Day One keynote, absolute the new appearance to the attendees. Some were niche — such as the better balance tools, and the adeptness to baptize some admirers as VIPs — but others were big and exciting.