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A 17-year old Muslim girl on TikTok has been uploading now-viral makeup tutorials, but with a political twist. In a video shared by “@getmefamouspartthree,” Feroza Aziz acutely gives tips on how to amplify your lashes by cogent users to grab a set of lash curlers, but then directs admirers to use their phones to search for “China’s Muslim absorption camps” — this is in advertence to the detention of about 1 actor Uighur people in Xinjiang, China right now.

Despite huge advances in science over the past century, our compassionate of nature is still far from complete. Not only have scientists failed to find the Holy Grail of physics – accumulation the very large (general relativity) with the very small (quantum mechanics) – they still don’t know what the vast majority of the cosmos is made up of. The sought after Theory of Everything continues to elude us. And there are other outstanding puzzles, too, such as how alertness arises from mere matter.