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For new online entrepreneurs sometimes its difficult to get a perspective of the time required to invest for a profitable return, e-commerce management its similar to a traditional store, and therefore you only have a few second to capture the attention of your costumer. Give special attention to the presentation of your product, a good photography and detailed description will make de difference when the costumer decides for you store.

Its very important to provide multiple communication channels for your costumers, via e-mail, phone, chat, etc. Always respond fast and promptly, the faster your costumer is savvy, the faster they will get to you again, and this is the major advantage compared to large retailers.

Stay tuned for delivery of your orders, commit to deadline that can fulfill, and make it clear throughout the delivery process (payment approval, shipping, delivery systems, etc).

Customer loyalty is the most important step for a e-commerce startup development, a good dissemination strategy will ensure consistent daily visits through online campaigns and email marketing, inform of offers and promotions, highlight the advantages for those who purchase from your store and take advantage of social networks to a constant update about your e-commerce products.  It is proven that an investment in google adwords has it’s immediate return, however you must seek professional assistant for that kind of investment, so you can optimize it to the max, follow the weekly reports and see which strategy gives better results, and remember that the sales process is in constant development.

Send e-mails to your customers to remember that your store is there to serve them, and pay special attention to devote oriented products to customers interested on them, for example, if a customer buys certain shower gel and this lasts for two weeks, remember your client that the product its available in that period of time, offer a sample of it’s favorite product for their birdthay.

Plan and execute an online sales channel is a challenge but rewarding process, which translates into an effective increase of sales, profits to your business and a better relationship with your customers.

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