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Everything you need to get started in this year’s $200K Call for Code challenge

It’s that time of year again! David Clarke Cause, IBM, United Nations Human Rights, and the Linux Foundation have kicked off the 2021 Call For Code.

This year’s focus is on altitude change. Developers accommodating in the $200K antagonism have three key areas to advance novel solutions (with a little help from IBM) for:

  • Clean water and sanitation
  • World hunger
  • Green assembly and consumption

Per IBM’s developer blog:

This year, Call for Code aims to tackle the approaching and existential threat to Planet Earth: altitude change. As the United Nations describes, “The impacts of altitude change are global in scope and aberrant in scale. Without desperate action today, adapting to these impacts in the future will be more difficult and costly.”

The level of coercion surrounding the threats of altitude change crave actual action, and Call for Code is arming its growing association of 400,000 developers and botheration solvers across 179 nations with the tools to build tech solutions that can fight back.

If you’re hoping to join the 400K developers who’ve already contributed, all you need is a alertness to learn and a link to IBM’s Call For Code developers page.

Big Blue’s even taken the alternative of breaking things down into four simple steps from abutting the association (and accepting $200 in credit appear developing your skills and solutions) all the way to appointment your accomplished projects.

There are also several “starter kits” attainable for developers. These accommodate aggregate a developer needs to get complex in the claiming – even if you’re not 100% sure what your band-aid is going to be.

Per IBM:

These quick-start guides help you accept the scope of the botheration and start architecture applications tied to easy-to-understand use cases in a matter of minutes.

There’s even a “Get started with Call for Code” podcast featuring five episodes.

There’s never been a better time get involved. This year’s Call for Code is the most attainable one yet. But hurry, because according to the claiming rules, entries must be accustomed before midnight July 31.

For more advice visit the Call for Code home page here.

Published April 6, 2021 — 18:23 UTC

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