Amazon today appear that CEO and architect Jeff Bezos would alteration out of his administering role with the aggregation and into an controlling board position.

Per a company memo first spotted by CNBC, Amazon intends Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy to be Bezos’ replacement.

The timing of the alteration is absorbing — that is to say, when you take into annual the quickly-shifting political altitude as the US moves from the Trump-era of Twitter beef amid the POTUS and the richest man in the world to the more acceptable admiral of Joe Biden.

Questions still abound as to how the Biden administering intends to treat big tech apparel such as Amazon, but it’s not beyond reason to wonder if Bezos hasn’t put himself in a position to focus on the bigger political account (and conceivably make some appropriate with a less Elon Musk-leaning federal outfit) while Jassy handles the circadian business of active the company.