Podcasting belvedere Stitcher said number podcasts have grown by 129,000% (that’s not a typo) in the last decade. In its annual podcasting report, the aggregation said creators appear 7 actor episodes on the belvedere in 2019, as compared to 350,000 episodes appear in 2010.

Stitcher said that while people are publishing more podcasts, the boilerplate episode length is now 2.4 account shorter, as compared to an boilerplate adventure in 2013.

The report has some absorbing tidbits about genres (true crime being the #1), formats, alert habits, and age group of listeners. I wish the study covered the topic of podfasters — people who listen to podcasts at more than 1x speed.This allows them to cover more episodes and show in a short amount of time.

Here are some stats on genres from the report:


Sticher’s report also addresses alert habits during the pandemic. The aggregation said alert hours alone 14% in an eight-week period from March 1 to April 27 as compared to the antecedent eight weeks.

You can read Stitcher’s annual podcasting report here.

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