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1st Almost-Flat design, this style consists in use bold colors, simple shapes and simple typography. Some elements are given depth and dimension to balance out the flatness of the other elements.

2nd Quirky Illustrations, in this kind of illustration are used design elements to add personality and creativity to your site better than hand-drawn illustrations.

3rd Better Use of Typography, it’s possible to download free fonts from around the Web, however, done badly, it can become a huge flaw in an otherwise flawless site. Typography isn’t just the art of designing letters.

4th High-Quality Static Images, try adding an eye-catching photo spanning the entire page, or a series of photos that tell your brand’s story.

5th High-Quality Moving Images, A cinemagraph, or moving image, expresses more words than a still photo, but uses up less bandwidth than a video.

6th Interactive Storytelling, its possible converts new page fans by telling attractive stories about humans love which provokes curiosity in fans head.

7th Minimalist, User-Oriented Design, this is about a privileged visitor that can appreciate a site that isn’t overloaded with graphics, or doesn’t use up too much bandwidth.

8th Iterations of Previous Trends, Responsive Web Design: A responsive site adjusts according to what device it’s viewed in.


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