For the past several decades, one tech axiom has held appreciably true: You can’t build for the web after alive how to code. That’s not absolutely the case anymore, as the ability barrier amid absent to build a cool website and alive absolutely how to do it continues to shrink.

Say hello to the appreciably easy Blocs 2 for Mac, which helps users build slick, modern websites after autograph a single line of code. Right now, you can try out this stunningly simple access to web design for only $39.99 (50 percent off) from TNW Deals.

Blocs 2 is a democratized take on architecture for the web that helps complete beginners get rolling quickly. After clicking, dragging, editing, and stacking elements together, even first-timers will start seeing a affection website staring back at them.

Get in and start customizing images, backgrounds, textures, fonts, and more — you can even find any aspect of your site bound with a nifty searchable overview feature.

Your Blocs 2 site is built to optimize automatically amid desktop, tablet, and mobile displays. And once you start acrimonious up some coding know-how, Blocs allows more accomplished designers to get in and dispense code as needed.

Get this Mac-friendly web architect at half off its retail price — only $39.99 if you get this deal now before the offer expires.

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